Thursday , 24 September 2020

Esteban Ocon: “I’m not here to stay behind Perez”

Esteban Ocon, 8th in the Championship just behind team-mate Sergio Perez, says that getting ahead of the Mexican is one of his main goals.

Given their different experience, it can be said, without being chauvinistic, that Esteban Ocon realizes for the moment a better season than his teammate Sergio Perez. Of course, from an accounting point of view, the Mexican is ahead (56 pts to 45, 9-2 in qualifying), but it has often played little between the two Force India drivers. And Ocon only has 20 Grands Prix when Perez already has 125 to his credit.

The Frenchman recognizes that he must work more than his teammate to compensate for this deficit. “I have to work hard, I have much less experience than Sergio, so I have to catch up on many details that are natural to him,” he said in an interview for the official site of F1. Before and after each race, I spend a lot of time at the factory working on the simulator, I think it makes a difference. “” I’m not here to stay behind, “he adds with ambition. I want to attack him and push him to the last limit. ”

For the moment, he succeeds. And it is also because Perez feels threatened by the French that the tension has risen between the two men, after the episodes of Canada and Baku.

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