Friday , 23 October 2020

Neymar: “Something new, more bigger”

“I’m looking for something new” and “something bigger,” Neymar said at his press conference to PSG on Friday.

Why PSG?

“Because of the ambition of the club, which resembles mine, to try to win, to look for new challenges, my heart has brought me to this club.

Did the idea of ​​becoming the N.1 player in Paris, which you were not in Barcelona, ​​influence your decision?

“It did not influence me, not at all. My desire to play in Paris was to have a new challenge, something different, and not because I would have been uncomfortable with the fact of” I’m looking for something new, titles, what this club deserves I’m motivated by a new challenge, I want something bigger, go beyond me non-stop”.

You feel good in Barcelona …

“I was well adapted in the city, in a club like Barça, with friends in the club, fantastic players … It was not easy, it was moments of great tension, I was wondering what I was going to do with my life.Of course I left friends there, but I’m very happy.Soccer goes very fast, our life too, making friendships is the biggest thing I have spoken with the Brazilian players from here, they are also my friends, and I feel like I am a Already at home “.

Did you have any doubts?

“It was not an easy decision, I thought a lot, I always thought about what to do. Many people asked me to talk, to communicate, but it’s very complicated to talk about something When you are not 100% sure, I was asked a totally impossible thing. It is a very difficult decision but in the end I am very happy.

Are you ready to play on Saturday against Amiens?

“I like to play football, yes, I’m in a condition, if I can play, I want to play yes, I stopped training for two days with everything that happened, but I’m ready. I saw the ground, I can not wait to play.

What do you say to those who say that your decision is purely financial?

“I have never been motivated by money, it has never been the first thing I think, and the most important thing is my happiness and that of my family I am always my heart, regardless of money. “It is unfortunate that people think so.

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