Thursday , 24 September 2020

Promises made after the regulatory changes

Regulatory changes gave hope in 2017 a new era in a Championship stifled by the dominance of the Mercedes. At mid-season, hope is not disappointed. The Hamilton-Vettel duel will be a great winner.

BUDAPEST – A change of regulation often draws a new landscape. Would the one of 2017 break the flat and dull monotony of the Mercedes years? Sculpting of unpublished and enticing summits? To offer a new horizon to this Formula 1 that some considered too predictable and which, under the impulse of its new American owners, looks for a different face? This winter, the profound changes made to the aerodynamics of cars have made us hope, dream. And fantasize. After two weeks of winter testing, the season’s map looked different. Not necessarily upset, but definitely reworked. Yes, this implacable supremacy of the Silver Arrows (*) could be broken. Better, it is the mythical Ferrari that presented itself as a rival.
At mid-season (eleven Grands Prix contested out of twenty), hopes are confirmed. Since Melbourne and the launch of this Championship 2017 end of March, the amateur was not disappointed. The duel between these two historic stables is shaped by two titans. Two monsters for two legends.

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